Twitter blocked in Venezuela

Twitter blocked in Venezuela

The discontent of the Venezuelan people against its government continues to grow. The protests began about ten days ago and keeps on growing.

Protesters accuse the government of being corrupt, the rising crime in the country as well as the rising cost of living.

To avoid a revolution, the Caracas government believes that all means can be used… even blocking Twitter !

The social network has indeed accused Venezuela of blocking images to be shown on its network , more specifically pictures of the demonstrations . “I can confirm that images are being blocked on Twitter in Venezuela. We think it is the government that blocks our network, “said a Twitter spokesperson to AFP.

This follows a complaint from several Venezuelan Customers who claim that photos of the protests could not be seen on the Internet services provided by the public operator CANTV, the country’s largest ISP. Of course, the public ISP denies such accusation of censorship and says it has nothing to do with the difficulties experienced its users to post pictures on Twitter.

While television channels deny showing images of the protests for fear of government reprisals, social networks are widely preferred by the demonstrators to report the progress of the movement.

To counter the problem, Twitter has tried to provide its users a tool to bypass the censorship via SMS.

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