Configuration VPN For Better Security On Social Media

Configuration VPN For Better Security On Social Media

Social media is a boon. And such websites are a very popular source for anyone staying in touch with friends, family, and relatives. However, there are always data security issues. It’s still better to take precautionary measures. Configuration VPN is a popular web security measure to avoid the online security concerns.

Facebook And Third-Party Apps

We are still getting over the Cambridge Analytica scandal, and there is one more problem out there. As per reports, Facebook’s third-party quiz app ‘NameTests’ is found exposing data of up to 120 million Facebook users. ‘NameTests’ is a popular quiz app. Users sign up for NameTests and give consent for accessing the user profile. However, it is found that ‘NameTests’ reveals user details to the website opened in the same browser. This may be due to malware. The issue is because of a flaw in the NameTests website. Does this again point to the social media giants’ failure to protect private data of the users?

Configuration VPN Is Easy!

Before you use a virtual private server, it is essential to understand what is a VPN? A virtual private network helps in hiding the IP address of the user. Configuration VPN is easy. Follow the steps from Le VPN website and get going. E.g., a Le VPN user substitutes his/her IP address with that of Le VPN’s. The hacker or your ISP cannot view your original IP address. However, make sure to opt for the reliable VPN service provider, i.e., Le VPN.

Benefits Of Using Le VPN

Configuration VPN is mainly for the security of the online user. But Le VPN does more than just protecting your online safety with the VPN protocols. We let you surf the internet anonymously. This is particularly helpful for people who are traveling to places where they come across internet censorship.

E.g., video website YouTube. Many users have paid subscription for YouTube Red service. The service allows the users to watch their favorite videos without any interference of advertisements. However, if you are in a country where YouTube is inaccessible, then your subscription is of no use.

At such a time, Le VPN comes to your rescue. Le VPN easily allows you to overcome the internet censorship. Just select a country where YouTube is legally accessible. Many people have unblocked YouTube by using Le VPN.

Le VPN has servers in 100+ locations. So, no matter which part of the globe you are traveling to, you can unblock websites with Le VPN. Additionally, you can also protect your sensitive data even when you are using public Wi-Fi. Above all, Le VPN does not store user logs. Therefore, your data privacy is maintained. Le VPN uses the secure virtual VPN tunnel with strong encryption. Mask your IP address with Le VPN. All these benefits come at an affordable cost.

Opt for Le VPN’s 2-years’ service at $69.60 only. So, subscribe today. And enjoy excellent browsing experience.



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