South Korea: Users Sue Apple Over iPhone Throttling

South Korea: Users Sue Apple Over iPhone Throttling

If you are an iPhone user, you know how the phone’s performance slows down. Some time back, Apple agreed that it throttled the performance of older iPhones. Despite that, the users are not willing to forgive Apple. The recent case is of South Africa. Here, 63,767 iPhone users have lodged a class action lawsuit against the company ‘Cupertino.’ Similarly, many users across the world were shocked and dismayed with Apple.

Apple In Legal Trouble Due To Throttled Performance

As you already know, Apple throttled the performance of its iPhone. This, in turn, has led to legal trouble for Apple. Apple tried to convince the customers that they throttled the performance to prevent shutdowns. However, thousands of users in South Korea have filed a legal suit against the company. They have demanded damages for Apple’s throttling act, even though Apple can easily manage the compensation amount. Nevertheless, the negative publicity will definitely affect its image negatively. At the same time, the throttled performance news can raise other concerns as well. Some may wonder if data security is also not at stake.

What Is VPN On iPhone?

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How To Start With Le VPN?

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