Russia Bans Encrypted Messaging App Telegram

Russia Bans Encrypted Messaging App Telegram

Obviously, we do not want anyone to read our personal messages. And online privacy has been a matter of concern forever. Hence, people prefer top-secret encryption for their personal email and messages. However, the online privacy looks under threat after we read news about ‘ Telegram blocked in Russia.’

Why Telegram Blocked In Russia

Almost a year ago, Russia’s Federal Security Service, or the FSB, sent a letter to Telegram’s creator. In which, the regulator demanded the app’s encryption keys. The government was seeking to read users’ messages. Once the Telegram put down the government demand, Telegram blocked in Russia.

About Telegram

The Telegram is an instant messaging service that comes with the top-secret encryption. The messaging app allows you to share messages, documents, and videos with the groups of up to 5,000 people. The top-secret encryption is the main reason behind Telegram’s popularity. Telegram claims to have 200 million active monthly users. Of these, many of the users are from the lands of the former Soviet Union and the Middle East. According to the FSB, Telegram is a popular messenger amongst the “international terrorist organizations in Russia.”

As the Telegram blocked in Russia, it will surely have an impact on the wide population. In fact, the government agencies also use Telegram for secret communication. If you are one user that wants to use Telegram, there are two ways to bypass this ban. Here they are:

  • A proxy server or proxy browser

You may use a proxy browser or proxy server to hide your original IP address. A proxy server allows you to bypass filters, bans and geo restrictions. You can easily access the content online without interference. However, the proxy server does not offer encryption.

A VPN is an easy and affordable method to bypass the government restrictions. Though Telegram blocked in Russia, you can access it via a VPN. However, make sure to pick the VPN provider smartly. Le VPN is among the most reliable VPN service in the market today.

Opt For Le VPN

As the Telegram blocked in Russia, you will not be able to access the Telegram through a local internet service provider. Use Le VPN in this scenario. Le VPN’s strong encryption channel will disallow any third party (including ISPs) to see what is happening on your internet network.

Additionally, you can use Le VPN’s IP address from a foreign country. E.g., you can use Le VPN’s India IP address and access Telegram. Le VPN has more than 800 servers in 100+ locations. So, you can use any of the IP address and hide your original location. Isn’t it very simple?

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