Ransomware attacks targeting more UK business

Ransomware attacks targeting more UK business

Digital age – threat to data privacy

Chores like shopping, banking, and governance have become so stress-free with everything going digital. We enjoy browsing through online shops, adding our favorite products into cart, and making online payment- all without much fuss. But have you ever thought about consequences? Where you can make deals on click of a button or swipe of your finger, you are also prone to cyber-crimes. Your identity is vulnerable to theft. Your data privacy is on toss and can be misused in many ways. Hence putting a big question mark on cyber-security.

Ransomware attacks on the rise

More reliability on smart devices like iPad, iPhone, laptops, and wearable gears has also resulted into increased malicious acts. One of them is ransomware attack. In these attacks, computer malware ransomware is installed stealthily on a victim’s device. And the victim is prevented from accessing his own data. The victim is threatened about his data being openly published or misused unless he pays the demanded ransom.

It is worrisome that along with individuals, businesses are also being targeted by ransomware attacks. According to a 2016-17 report titled ‘The cyber threat to UK business’, jointly issued by the National Cyber Security Centre (NCSC) and the National Crime Agency (NCA), ransomware attacks are on the rise. It is a real challenge for businesses to look for a solution that protects their data. The report also warned more the devices attached to internet, more the opportunity for criminals.

Opt for VPN

Awareness is the key. You should know that malware and phishing sites are the top most source of all cyber-crime and data theft. It is utmost important to keep yourself secure online. One of the best ways of connecting your computer to a remote network safely is by using virtual private network or the VPN. Le VPN takes all possible precautions to ensure that your data privacy is maintained.

Security from cyber-crimes 

You can imagine Le VPN as security wall between your device and criminals. When using Le VPN, your computer is veiled behind Le VPN’s several VPN servers. As a result, your computer is protected from majority of external threats like hackers or virus attacks. Possibility of your device falling prey to ransomware attacks goes down.

Security while using public Wi-Fi

Using public Wi-Fi and hotspots is common these days. But while using a public Wi-Fi, always keep in mind that the security of your data is at risk. Therefore, it is important that after you log into a public Wi-Fi at the local coffee shop or in your hotel make sure you log into your VPN so that your data has better security and it gets protected from hackers. Le VPN is also useful for those who are regularly using online voice chatting and VOIP services (that is Voice over IP services) like Skype etc. Le VPN will ensure security of your VOIP calls.

Prevent your searches from being logged

Now we all know that when we do a search on a search engine, your search is linked to your computer’s IP address which may be used later for future searches. If you don’t want this to happen then use Le VPN service, to maintain the privacy of your searches.

These are just a few of the many uses that a legitimate VPN can give you. So just go ahead and spend a little money to buy Le VPN service and make your data secure.



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