Dangers of public Wi-Fi access

Dangers of public Wi-Fi access

There are various dangers of public wi-fi access. Maybe you have seen in the media stories of some people whose personal data have been misused on the Internet: their life have been destroyed by some malicious people using their data on Facebook or other social networks. A TV show by French TV network France 2 called Envoyé Spécial has recently discussed this topic (the video below is in French).

On the Internet, it is easy to get your private data and use it against you. How does it cause dangers? You can ask his opinion to any computer expert, by asking him about Wi-Fi networks. Using free Wi-Fi hot spots is quite convenient to connect to the Internet everywhere, in a café for example. But it is also dangerous, as users share the same connexion networks.
On a wireless network, you can trap someone for example by making him/her believe that your computer is the free Wi-Fi connection point, it causes many dangers. And then you only have to connect to someone else’s computer and see all its connections, so you can still retrieve cookies from this other computer and therefore the data connection when login into a site (ex: Twitter login codes). With this cookie, it is as if the malicious person had a copy of the identity document of another person and can then access your twitter account without having to mention your username and password and then disseminate information on your behalf.
And this is also true for Internet connections made with a smartphone, it also has dangers. If you are traveling often and you regularly connect to the Internet via your computer or mobile, choose the services of a VPN provider to secure your connections.
A VPN encodes your Internet connection by a complex encryption system, making impossible any interaction with your personal data. Any information you send will go directly into your secure virtual tunnel. And this is also true if you are traveling in another country: through a VPN service, you can easily direct your traffic as coming from one of the following countries: France, the United Kingdom, the United States, Czech Republic, Germany, etc.  Your computer will be connected to the Internet from one of these countries. VPN ensures your connections are safe and allows you to enjoy online services dedicated to Internet users in these countries.  

Thanks to VPN servers located in France, UK, USA, Switzerland, Belgium, Germany and Czech Republic you can have the same service, PPTP VPN for your mobile devices: iPhone, iPad, Android phones, etc…

Be careful when you connect to the Internet and please do not forget to protect your traffic!



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