Netflix User Base May Reach 128 Million By 2022

Netflix User Base May Reach 128 Million By 2022

The user base of Netflix is increasing by the day. With more and more people switching to the online streaming of entertainment, Netflix movies is all set to benefit. Netflix is an American entertainment company. They are mainly involved in digital entertainment, video on demand online etc. If one wants to access Netflix movies in countries where the services are blocked then they can make use of Le VPN.

No doubt! Already many people across the globe are using Netflix movies. According to a Digital TV Research report, Netflix user base may reach to almost 128 million by the year 2022. This marks the 44% growth from 89 million users at the end of 2016.

Bright Future for Netflix:

According to the report, Netflix may see an increase in their subscriber base by more than 40%. The revenue will increase by 69%. By 2018, Netflix can expect a huge international subscriber base. However, there are predictions that the subscriber of Western Europe and North America will decline. Netflix services are today available in almost all the countries.

In January 2016, the entertainment company started services in 130 countries simultaneously. The main focus of Netflix is to provide original content to the customers. The company is also involving Hollywood bigwigs like Scott Stuber in order to improve the business of Netflix movies. There will be special attractions for users like free services in the first month.

Expansion in China

Last month, Netflix also signed a contract with Chinese company Baidu. People in China can access Netflix via the online video portal of Baidu. Even the stocks of the American giant are doing well. Therefore, the future looks truly bright for Netflix.

Make Use of A VPN

In case you are not able to access Netflix due to geo-restrictions, then a VPN connection can sought the things for you. Wondering what is a VPN? VPN is a virtual private network, which helps you unblock online TV series or movies, bypass geo-restrictions, and securely connect to the internet on multiple devices.

Le VPN For Streaming Netflix Movies Securely

Le VPN is among the VPN service providers that allows you to bypass internet censorship and geo-restrictions. Accessing the restricted content is easy with Le VPN. Use the IP of the country where the content streaming is allowed. E.g. you can use VPN France to access the content from France. Le VPN provides complete security. It is available in a large number of countries. The packages are affordable and the services are excellent.

So, whether it is downloading your favourite songs or it is video streaming in any place, just use Le VPN. It makes sure that it provides a seamless experience to the subscribers. Netflix offers services across the globe and its subscriber base is also increasing. If you are unable to access it due to geo-restrictions, then use Le VPN – a trusted name in Virtual Private Network.



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