How To Keep Your Data Safe From ISPs?

How To Keep Your Data Safe From ISPs?

Ever since the Anti-privacy law has come into action, the need of privacy has become a necessity. Hence, the subscription of a free VPN server is on the rise. Using a free VPN server is probably the easiest way to keep the browser history hidden and maintain overall privacy.

ISPs And Data Privacy

ISP is basically an organization that dispenses internet service and access to the internet to users.  An ISP stands for an Internet service provider. Now, an ISP tracks the data usage of the customer via Call data records (CDRs) each time we begin a session, i.e., activation of PDP context. When this happens, packet information is transferred by the Serving GPRS support node (SGSN) to the database which records the total amount of data transferred during the session.

There Are Basically Two Ways In Which ISPs Track The Browsing History:

  1. Usage of NAT translation records in Wi-Fi/Broadband services or call data records in Mobile telephony. This is a compulsion because Government criminal services may need the data at any point of time. The data is helpful in order to maintain law and order or tracking/backtracking any email/other data/activity on the internet. But, these details/data are kept secret and are not shared with anyone other than the Government authorities.
  2. By keeping a packet inspection of the browsing pattern and receive the top websites and timings of usage through a Web Analytics box. Then, they try to map this data with the age, sex, location, etc. of the users. Such information is always helpful in designing user oriented products. Therefore, this customer data is always in demand and gets a financial benefit to ISPs.

How Free VPN Server Helps

A VPN is a private network that is extended among the public network. A VPN enables the users to maintain privacy while on the internet. The right free VPN server can secure against a number of things, including government surveillance, malware, etc. Although a huge number of companies provide free VPN server, many probably have security issues or could put your data at risk. It’s also difficult to tell what it’s doing with your data and how secure an anonymous VPN really is.

Depending On Your Activities On The Internet, You May Use A Free VPN Server To Carry Out The Following:

  • For data protection on Open Wi-Fi
  • To hide BitTorrent piracy
  • Use another country’s Netflix library
  • To avoid censorship/ government surveillance
  • For secretly getting the connection to your company’s private network

In case, there is a pattern to the ads which show on your web pages, it explains that the ISPs monetize this. But all these things result different challenges and risks. A free VPN server is not a good choice for some either, because it doesn’t make you anonymous anyway.

Opt For Le VPN

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