Indonesia is a paradise for cybercriminals

Indonesia is a paradise for cybercriminals

Indonesia has become the country hosting the largest number of cyber-attacks in the world, as revealed in a study of Akamai, a company specializing in computer servers. Indonesia now ranks first, ahead of China for the second quarter of 2013. These two countries concentrate nearly 71 % of the world cybercriminals.

If Akamai acknowledge the fact that the location of an IP address in a country does not necessarily mean that the organizer of the cyberattacks lives in this country means, however, indicates the popularity of Indonesia to the criminals: they are entitled to use infrastructure for high speed internet network. For instance, as a comparison, France ranks 36th for broadband internet speed in the world.

Besides, nearly 90% of Indonesian computers have pirated copies of Windows system or other major software, thus making it easy for virus to go through IT systems. Cybercriminals use these flaws to attack both businesses and individuals. Thus, in the 2nd quarter, cybercrime in Jakarta accounted for 36 % of global attacks, a percentage that has doubled in three months … In the meantime, the United States undergo less crime, since this country now represents less than 7 % of global attacks.

When Akamai undergo 768 attacks on its servers during 2012, it accounts for 834 of the first two quarters of 2013.

The report also mentions an increase of denial of service (DDoS), which amounted to 318 in the second quarter. This means an increase of 54 % vs. the first quarter. If this rate is maintained in the coming quarters, Akamai predicts a strong impact on the Internet in general, given the fact that these attacks rely on botnets and consume a lot of bandwidth.

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