How to fix Apple last but not least security flaw

How to fix Apple last but not least security flaw

On February 21st, Apple unveiled a huge security hole in its mobile devices software. So if you have used an open WiFi connection in a cafe, a hotel or an airport … someone could sneak into the electronic exchanges you had with your iPhone or iPad and then access to some information which you though could be secure (e.g. your credit card numbers).

If this flaw was found out some while back, Apple just released the update to fix it. So just rush to your Apple mobile device and immediately update your OS. All you have to do is to connect your device to your computer, open iTunes, press the button on the device that you plugged in, then you will see indicated “check update”. You can also just select your mobile to Settings> General > Software Update and follow the steps. You can also follow the full procedure to quickly install this update.

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