How Important Is Internet Filter At The Workplace?

How Important Is Internet Filter At The Workplace?

Internet filter is not a new idea in today’s time. However, it is increasingly becoming a part of today’s life. The internet filter helps minimize the misuse of the internet in the workplace. Generally, a filter on virtual private networks help you stay safe. These steps make sure that employees are engaging themselves in the work. A VPN in any office improves the online security as well.

Growth Of The Internet Filter

Initially, parents and school authorities used the internet filter to prevent children from watching inappropriate content online. However, with passing time, there is also a growth in the need for a VPN. A number of countries are passing norms to filter out useless internet content. Thus, encouraging proficiency in the workplace.

Review Of The Web Content

Today, it is crucial to review the web materials and remove the useless ones through internet filtering. As with the increasing number of sites, employees often switch over to gaming portals or entertainment sites during the work-hours. It is immoral. Indeed, it is also harmful to the productivity of the company. The company administrators largely depend on internet filter on their VPNs. This helps to customize the websites. Often, Google needs to block the websites, violating its terms of service.

How Internet Filter Is Useful

  • Protect you and your family from the negative content on the Internet
  • You can block websites as per categories
  • At workplace, it helps you enhance productivity
  • It screens origin of the webpage, and can block specific websites as per specified rules

Trusted Flagger Program

You can look at the example of Indonesia. The Government has entered into an agreement with Google to cut the useless internet content. The program called ‘Trusted Flagger’ is likely to review selected content in the websites and block them. People using personal VPN as well as VPN in their offices can enjoy flawless internet content. In Indonesia, the authorities are likely to implement the programme within the next three months.

‘Alert’ Features

Commercial VPN providers take up the matter seriously. They are adding ‘alert’ features in their networks. In case an employee tries to enter a website blocked through internet filter, it will allow the administrators to receive alerts. Therefore, enhancing the alertness at the workplace. Moreover, they can create a list of websites on a category basis. E.g. gaming websites, websites for songs, and so on. A company can simply allow its employee to access certain websites and filter out the rest.

Bypass Filters With VPNs

As discussed above, different organisations use filters for different reasons. However, it’s not always good on the part of a user. It may happen that you need to access a website otherwise blocked by your workplace, school, or government. So, how you will deal with it? The answer is a virtual private network or a VPN. Le VPN encrypts your internet connection and you can anonymously bypass the internet filter.

Opt For Le VPN

Le VPN hosts servers in 100+ locations. When you access the internet through Le VPN, your connection gets secure. No one can reach your original IP. Also, if you are travelling abroad and do not want to miss your favourite TV serial or a sports match, Le VPN is the best option.

Obviously, the concept of internet filter is quickly gaining popularity, all over the world. A reliable VPN provider like Le VPN is keen on providing custom features. In short, adding an internet filter on VPNs is obviously a positive gain. So, subscribe to Le VPN today and enjoy seamless internet connection. We offer easy to use iOS VPN app for your iPhone, iPad or iPod touch. You can subscribe for Le VPN and get 100% money-back guarantee for 7 days.



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