Google knows all the Wi-Fi passwords on your Android device

Google knows all the Wi-Fi passwords on your Android device

On the Internet, the security of your data and passwords is a sensitive point. A journalist just revealed that Google would keep track of all your access codes to Wi-Fi networks used with any of its devices.

This information will not improve the tense situation between Google and some users who criticize the fact that the Mountain View company transmits private data to third parties. Michael Horowitz, a journalist working for the Internet site Computerworld, just explained that Google would know all the Wi-Fi passwords using any device running with the Android operating system.

By extension, he also explained that the Web giant could well know virtually all Wi-Fi codes of the world, just a user of Android smartphone or tablet to be connected to a Wi-Fi terminal. This information is – like many others – stored in Google’s databases, along with other data such as your age, our use of these devices, other access codes, etc.. The only way to avoid recording these data is to avoid doing backups on Google’s servers.

This may seem actually useful to save data and personal information on servers in order to still have access to them in case of problems. However, you do not know who has access to these data and how they can be used. Think of the PRISM scandal and the fact that Google has worked with organizations such as the NSA … Soon Google could be forced to disclose the passwords for Wi-Fi access in our own homes or businesses…

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