Google And Facebook Told To Abide By Chinese Law And Regulations

Google And Facebook Told To Abide By Chinese Law And Regulations

If you have tried the “ my IP address lookup ” feature, you may have found out your IP address and the location. My IP address lookup gives you a clear idea about the location from where you are accessing the internet. This IP address allows the authorities to track you down if you are unlawfully accessing certain content. E.g., Social media websites like Facebook are blocked in China. In case you access this website, the authorities can reach you through your IP address.

Understanding Geo-restrictions

Now it might have so happened that you wanted to access a certain website and were unable to do so. This is because certain websites impose geo restrictions which prevent people located in certain geographical locations from accessing websites. Now, why does this happen? Some countries impose restrictions because certain websites might contain information related to sensitive content like sexuality, women’s issues, politics, and culture.

As a matter of fact, certain organizations like schools and companies might be restricting your online activity for some reasons. We agree this isn’t really fair since you should be free to access whatever websites you want. Hence, we have come up with some ways of bypassing such blockades.

Facebook And Google In China

It’s been some years that Facebook, Google, Twitter, YouTube, along with other websites are witnessing censorship in China. And everyone is aware how strict the China’s Great Firewall is. Recently, Chinese regulators announced that if Google and Facebook want to become operational in China, they will have to accept China’s censorship and tough online laws. If any user illegally tries to access the blocked websites, my IP address lookup will help them track your exact location.

Don’t Get Tracked By My IP Address Lookup

By now, you know that “ my IP address lookup ” feature is truly an important tool. Here are some steps you can take to hide yourself from being traced in my IP address lookup:

  • You can use a  VPN    or virtual private network. When you use Le VPN, replace your IP address with that of Le VPN’s. That means, your IP address is no longer your original address. It becomes that of the destination to which it has been routed off to. Thus, if your geographical location is prohibited from accessing certain websites, you could route off to a location that is granted access.
  • You can use a proxy browser. A proxy server would mask or hide your actual identity and IP address from the website that you are trying to access. It would also provide you with some kind of a substitute as far as IP address is concerned in order to hide your real address.
  • You could use an anonymous proxy servers. This works a lot like a proxy server. When you log in to a website using an anonymous proxy, your actual IP address is hidden. The proxy would retrieve the site for you, including all the information it contains. As a result, the IP address and other information that could reveal your identity are no longer yours – it belongs to the proxy server. Thus, the geo restrictions are no longer applicable to you.

These are some of the common ways of bypassing geo-restriction. Remember, as long as you opt for legal means; you have every right to access whatever content you want online.

Opt For Le VPN’s Reliable VPN Service

But, beware when you use free online tools to bypass the geo-restrictions. Le VPN is one reliable VPN service provider. As a company policy, Le VPN does not keep track of your online activities. Additionally, you can anonymously bypass the censorship or geo restrictions. As you replace your IP with that of Le VPN’s, no one can trace your original location through my IP address lookup. And all these benefits at a very affordable price. Additionally, Le VPN on VPN router ensures 100% online security of all the IoT connected devices at your home.

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