Google condemns but supports censorship

Google condemns but supports censorship

Eric Schmidt, Google’s CEO, recently commented about his conviction before the U.S. Johns Hopkins University that Internet censorship should end within a decade. Google boss also said that a better encryption use shall allow users to fight against governments’ oversight. Eric Schmidt clearly targets dictatorial regimes or those practicing a strict control of the Internet , such as China or North Korea .

But the issue also relates to Google company as such. The U.S. giant is indeed directly involved in NSA monitoring program. A document released by the Washington Post, thanks to Edward Snowden, the NSA former consultant recently revealed that the intelligence agency was listening to communications between Google data centers, via the Muscular program. Google’s staff which was as upset as Yahoo’s one promised to encrypt all communications between its data centers.

Google also called for an urgent reform of the legislation on anonymous communication, during a U.S. Congress addressing the topic of NSA massive espionage. The U.S. giant also launched a series of initiatives to protect the actions of people wishing to broadcast information or act on behalf of human rights (Project Shield, uProxy or Digital Map Attack ) .

But despite its great efforts, Google also plays a role on cybercensorship, due to its search engine dominating position. Different art or internet sites calling themselves Google alleged victims of censorship, illustrates the ambivalence of the U.S. firm position.

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