First hacker exploiting HeartBleed arrested

First hacker exploiting HeartBleed arrested

A young Canadian hacker has been arrested in Ontario (Canada), after having stolen social insurance numbers, using HeartBleed security bug.

He is the first person arrested for stealing data using HeartBleed, this bug that has been much talked about in the media and is estimated by some experts to be “Internet worst nightmare.”

An investigation was launched after the revelation of some hacking into the Canada Revenue Agency(CRA). Like many sites, ARC IT system uses the OpenSSL security protocol, which can be vulnerable to Heartbleed and therefore to data theft.

This young Canadian of 19 years old should be formally charged on April 17th in Ottawa of “unauthorized computer use” and of “data mischief.” A search warrant was executed at his home and his computer equipment was seized on this occasion.

This administration revealed on April 14th that an intrusion in its IT network had resulted in the theft of Social Insurance Number (SIN). These nine-digit numbers are extremely important for Canadians citizens and those who live in Canada, since they are required by administrations, banks and other organizations for any paperwork as well as to get medical benefits or to find a job.

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