Facebook and Google shall use your data in their ads

Facebook and Google shall use your data in their ads

After Facebook, Google has also changed its regulations for customers so as to use users’ data for advertising purposes.
On September 5th, Facebook changed its terms of use – for the moment only in the U.S. – so as to keep the right to use your profile photo for its ads. This section (Section 10, paragraph 1) is of particular concern, the way it stands: “You give us permission to use your name and your profile photo in connection with our commercial or sponsored content. For example with a brand you have supported by clicking “like”. This means that you agree for a business or another entity to pay Facebook to use your name, your profile photo and information about you, with needing your approval and without any compensation in exchange.
On October 11th, Google also released an update of its conditions of use that will be implemented on November 11th: now “your name and profile picture may appear in the Google products (including reviews, advertising and other commercial contexts).”
This means that your identity (full name, photo) and that of your loved ones will be used to promote online advertising, without needing your approval. So if you have a Google account (which includes YouTube, Google +, Gmail, etc …), you should consider that what you have placed on certain products and sites may be used by the company to promote its advertisements.
Those who are bothered by the idea of appearing in such commercials can go to the settings for shared recommendations to deny the permission to use the name and photo.

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