Project eelo For Enhanced Online Privacy Of Mobile Users

Project eelo For Enhanced Online Privacy Of Mobile Users

When we use a mobile device, we tend to share a lot of information with the outside world. In most of the cases, the privacy and personal information are controlled by the operating system, and it sells that information at a much higher price. That is how they become the big players in the market. In order to maintain the online security and privacy, the users are opting for a VPN service. A VPN offers encryption, resulting in the better data security. Additionally, you can use VPN UK to watch the UK-based content, even if you are actually sitting in the US.

New eelo System For Data Privacy

Mandrake Linux comes up with a new non-profit project ‘eelo.’ This new project aims to create an open source environment. The ‘eelo’ project will allow the mobile phone users to regain control over their personal data at an affordable price. Project eelo, the new mobile operating system, aims to offer a better data privacy that Android and iOS are not offering.

Growing Popularity Of A VPN

Usually, VPN service was popular amongst corporations and industries, but now the same is gaining popularity within the household networks. One of the main reason behind VPN’s growing popularity is the geo-restrictions. I.e., a certain type of content is not allowed in some nation. For example, a user sitting in Canada let’s say, cannot access content coming from the UK and vice versa. This is where a VPN UK will be helpful. Similarly, one can sit comfortably in the UK and access content from any other country.

How The VPN UK Is Helpful

Want to know what is a VPN? It’s a virtual private network that allows you to securely access the internet. You can maintain your online privacy and security. You can easily route off your network by replacing your IP address with the IP address of Le VPN. E.g., if you want to unblock any UK website in the USA, you can use Le VPN’s VPN UK and unblock the website. As you are not using your original IP address, no one can track your original location. Virtual private network or VPN is a software that basically covers your identity from fraud and theft. Apart from that, there are a lot of more features that Le VPN’s VPN UK has to offer.

Le VPN Servers In 120+ Countries

Today, there are way too many VPN companies competing in the market. However, Le VPN is among the most trusted and reliable one to use. We have packages at a very competitive price that are affordable to the common people. Le VPN has VPN servers in 100+ locations. Hence, you can choose content from any country and enjoy streaming videos without sharing your actual geographical location. VPN offers you a seven-day free trial. Additionally, Le VPN has different levels of security and encryption that lets your important information stay only with you.

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