Cybersecurity to be more complex in 2014

Cybersecurity to be more complex in 2014

Cybersecurity is going to get much more complicated next year. The global IT nonprofit association ISACA believes that IT and cybersecurity professionals shall face accelerated change and complexity in cybersecurity, data privacy and big data in 2014.

“The pace of change expected in 2014 will put incredible pressure on technology professionals in the workplace with a focus on keeping IT risk in check while at the same time delivering value to the business,” explained Bhavesh Bhagat, CEO of EnCrisp, co-founder of Confident Governance and member of ISACA’s new emerging business and technology committee.

Here are the various areas for which ISACA predicts businesses should get ready before next year:

  • Prepare for privacy 2.0: Be ready to accommodate both those with little expectation of privacy and those who view their personal data as key assets and want to control how it shall be used
  • Reduce big data: Explosive data volumes were the No. 1 issue adressed in ISACA’s 2013 IT Risk/Reward Barometer. Unmanageable data are difficult to secure. In 2014, companies will need to consolidate what remains, to promote sharing and protect using better controls.
  • Plan to attract cybersecurity and data analytics experts: The need for smart analytics people and cybersecurity defenders shall increase in 2014.
  • Ramp up for the Internet of other Things: as research showed 50 billion devices expected to be connected to the Internet by 2020, businesses shall now have a policy governing connected devices — many of which are invisible to the end user.

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