One cyber-attack occurs every 1.5 second in the world

One cyber-attack occurs every 1.5 second in the world

FireEye released its report on advanced threats (ATR), which covers the main malicious activities identified by the FireEye Security Platform in 2013. This report highlights the very rapid growth of cybercrime globally, with 206 countries hosting servers carrying malware.
The study analyzed and compared about the 40,000 unique cyber-attacks that took place in 2013, which represents more than 100 attacks per day.
The report provides an overview of the evolution of cyber-attacks that routinely bypass defense tools such as firewalls, intrusion systems and other virus prevention.
The report gives a good overview of trends in advanced threats and ever evolving technics linked to them. It also shows the ranking of nations with the largest number of advanced attacks.

The ATR report FireEye delivers the following conclusions:
• Companies are under attack every 1.5 seconds on average. In 2012, experts from FireEye had reported malware attacks every 3 seconds on average. The increase in the frequency of use highlights the crucial role played by malware and cyber-attacks.
•Cyber-attacks driven from distant servers and ‘Command and Control’ (C & C ) infrastructure happened in 206 countries in 2013 , vs. 184 in 2012. The United States, Germany, South Korea, China, the Netherlands, the United Kingdom, and Russia host the majority of these C & C servers.
•The  2013 winners of the 10 countries most targeted by ” persevering advanced threats” (APT) :
1 . USA
2 . South Korea
3 . Canada
4 . Japan
5 . UK
6 . Germany
7 . Switzerland
8 . Taiwan
9 Saudi Arabia
10 Israel
• During the first half of 2013, Java was the preferred attack vector for hackers. In the second half, it is Internet Explorer though has been the most commonly used
• In 2013, FireEye observed worldwide five times more attacks from web browsing than attacks via email, and up to three times more web attacks by email within each country.
“The increasing frequency with which cyber-attacks occur illustrates the malware attractiveness for cybercriminals seeking new targets” says Dr. Kenneth Geers, Senior Analyst at FireEye international threats . “There’s overall global expansion of cyber-attacks, malicious software and accessible use to as many tools that trivializes the process of developing a cyber-attack.”

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