You Can Write Long Tweets Now

You Can Write Long Tweets Now

Unblock twitter and enjoy writing long tweets anywhere.

Twitter is one of the most used social media giants. People tweet and express their opinions and emotions. But, due to limitation of characters one had to keep a tab on the number of words used. However, there is a good news for Twitterites who like to write long tweets. Twitter is testing long tweets of 280 characters. Currently, the limit is 140 characters only. So, once this 280 characters comes into effect, you can easily start writing long tweets.

That comes as a good news for people in the regions where Twitter is legally accessible. However, some users may not be able to access this social media platform. This is due to internet censorship in certain countries. In such cases, you must resort to apps which will help unblock Twitter.

How Can One Unblock Twitter In Any Part Of The World?

With the advent of virtual private network, it has become very easy to unblock twitter.  In case of virtual private network, all that one needs to do is subscribe to a VPN package from a reliable service provider. The subscriber will be provided with an IP address by the service provider. The subscriber simply needs to update the IP of his device. This IP address will be of that place where Twitter is accessible. This way one can easily unblock Twitter. Overcoming geo-restriction is not the only advantage that this VPN provides. It also offers better security and privacy to the user in the online world.

Make Use Of A Trusted Service Provider To Unblock Twitter:

For best service it is always better to opt for the best service provider like Le VPN. They have servers across 100+ locations and all their servers are of the best quality. They help with encryption of data in AES-256 algorithm. Facebook unblock using Le VPN is very easy. Le VPN not only helps to overcome cyber censorship, but they also protect your sensitive data from cyber criminals and hackers. In fact, they are one of the champions of the cyber security awareness program which is held every year from 1st October to 31st October.

This year too on the occasion of the cyber security awareness month, Le VPN has a special promotional offer for you. This offer is 2 years of Le VPN service for 69 USD, or from $2.87 per month. This offer is valid from 1st October 2017 to 31st October 2017. You must opt for the Le VPN advantage to unblock websites and for better privacy and security.



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