How to Unblock Facebook with a VPN

Are you living in a place where certain sites are censored? Are you curious how to unblock Facebook?

Le VPN was created to serve Facebook users just like you — as well as the users of other sites that may be unavailable in certain places. When you want to access Facebook, stream video that is geographically restricted or download information that is now available where you live, Le VPN offers a fast, easy, straightforward service that takes care of your problems.

How does it work? It’s simple: A Facebook VPN protects your Internet connection, keeping your browsing activity private and secure. You essentially borrow Le VPN’s IP address so that limitations and monitoring of your browsing or download activity suddenly disappear. We disclose no information about our clients, unless asked by authorities and it involves illegal activities.

Le VPN offers all-inclusive plans to individuals around the world. Subscription plans give you the VPN connection you need to visit the site you want to use — such as Facebook. We use more than 800 servers in 100+ locations to ensure that you get safe and secure access. The Internet was designed to be a hub of free-flowing information, and we do our best to help keep it that way.

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Le VPN services allow you to easily unblock Facebook

Each of our VPN offers will help you to bypass Facebook restrictions and have access to this site as well as to any other internet site. The principle is simple: you connect to one of our best VPN servers and it reroutes your traffic to the free internet with no restrictions or limits.

Why to choose Le VPN to unblock Facebook?

All of your traffic will be encrypted with the AES-256 algorithm.

Not only unblocks Facebook, but also gives you a gateway to the internet without any restrictions, so any blocked website will be accessible.

You can have an access to French, the UK or the US Internet, including all of the sites and services forbidden for users from outside of the country.

Compatible with most operating systems and devices such as iPhonesiPadsAndroid phones etc.

Works in countries with restricted internet access.

Increases your connection speed using the LZO traffic compression.

The lowest prices on the market starting from only 4.95 USD/month.

No speed or traffic limits.

Live support.

Why you should not unblock Facebook with FREE proxies?

The owners of free proxy services usually rest in the shadows, so you do not know who is managing them.

Your traffic can be listened to when you are using it.

Low security level.

Pages are not displayed properly.

Problems with interactive content.

Your account can be hijacked.

A lot of advertisements.

Slow connection.



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