Brazil is a pioneer for Internet privacy

Brazil is a pioneer for Internet privacy

With its new internet law, Brazil seems to stand at the forefront of privacy respect on the internet on a worldwide basis.

Last week, this law that was approved by the Brazilian parliament states that Brazilian data stored on servers abroad are within Brazilian juridiction.

Brazil “takes the lead in this complex debate” said Ronaldo Lemos, director of Creative Commons, an open license based in Brazil. “Internet is not regulated by the government but by all the sectors of society. “This law is a milestone on an international, because, according to him, it is dealing with neutrality, diversity and internet freedom.

The United States, whose intelligence services have even spied on the Brazilian President, as revealed by the Snowden scandal, must yield on this digital data field.
According to the Minister of Justice, José Eduardo Cardoso, the way the law was designed, is also innovative as digital activists have been also involved. “There were over two thousand contributions, much of which has been accepted.”
However, activists do not appreciate all the provisions of the law. Critics rise against the one that implies that Internet providers must store data for six months.

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