The Booming Music Streaming Services

The Booming Music Streaming Services

Music streaming accounts for more than 38% of the “Music Consumption Market” in the US. As of 2017, music streaming is the most popular way to listen music. A whopping 251 billion songs are available via music streaming services. This is not just a change in the way we listen to music, but the financial market of releasing records as well.

Swedish music streaming service Spotify is the global leader in the music streaming industry. Spotify is gaining users every day from USA, Canada, Australia, Latin America, and almost the entirety of Europe. Other players like Pandora and Apple Music are also adding millions of users. The popularity of streaming services keeps increasing.

Spotify’s Streaming Services

There is one key shortcoming in Spotify’s streaming services. It operates in only about 60 countries. Spotify is available in all the English-speaking countries, almost all of Europe and Latin America. It is also present in certain other regions in the Asia Pacific. However, key markets like the Indian Subcontinent and China do not have Spotify yet. So, what is the option for people who cannot access Spotify because of their locations?

Bypass Geo-Restrictions With VPNs

This is exactly where Virtual Private Networks (VPNs) come into play. Using a VPN router, an Indian user can easily mask their location. A user can direct their IP address towards the US or UK. And enjoy the facilities of a streaming service such as Spotify. VPN services will hide your original IP address. And encrypt your traffic by routing it through a number of secure servers. As a result, the user can mask their original identity.

It is a well-known fact that Facebook is inaccessible in some countries including China. Many people opt for VPN Facebook to unblock Facebook in the restricted areas. Similarly, users can use a VPN to unblock music streaming services websites as well.

The Booming Industry

Spotify has plans to roll out services in India. It also plans to expand in other currently inaccessible countries soon. However, this will be possible as soon as they get necessary infrastructure. Yet, even without these markets, Spotify (along with other music streaming services) has very well indeed. In the US, Spotify is second on the list of streaming services.

Spotify is definitely heading in the right direction. It is no surprise that Spotify now has more than 60 million customers paying for their premium services. As far as restricted areas like India are concerned, using a VPN is an easy and efficient way to access music streaming services.

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