Apple VS FBI Battle is Taken to Congress

Apple VS FBI Battle is Taken to Congress

In the latest battle between privacy and security, the ongoing dispute over unlocking the San Bernardino shooters phone has finally stepped up a gear and entered Congress to settle the dispute. As the Apple vs FBI battle is taken to Congress during a five hour ordeal ended in a somewhat victory for Apple and privacy. Legislators in Congress, which in the past has been very FBI-friendly when it comes to cases o this magnitude but as a welcome shock to most, it sided with Apple’s decision to stand firm on not allowing the FBI to gain backdoor access to the iPhone in question.

If the decision had gone the other way, then a dangerous precedent would have been set, something that would have gone on to weaken privacy for not just criminals but everybody. It would have meant that not only would the FBI and other law enforcement agencies have the power to access any device via a ‘backdoor’ entry, but further compromises to online privacy would have jeopardised.

Congress told the FBI that their plans to force Apple to unlock iPhones was a ‘fools errand’ and irresponsible in that it was both overreaching and undermining privacy. The FBI responded in their case against Apple by accusing the Californian-based company of acting like a ‘vicious guard dog’ in its defence of privacy. FBI director James Comey went on to claim that Apple standing in their way was not their job to protect people’s privacy, but in fact the FBI’s.

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