Apple to Fix Major Bug in OS X

Apple to Fix Major Bug in OS X

As Apple continues to pride itself over its system’s invulnerable ability to not be affected by viruses, a stance that they have long boasted over rivals Windows, it has announced it will patch two serious bugs in its operating system before the next major update. The vulnerabilities, named DYLD and Thunderstrike 2 were found in Apple’s operating system, which compromised user’s who were using Apples latest operating system; Yosemite. The Thunderstrike 2 bug, which was discovered several weeks ago, allowed hackers to attack systems with a malicious webpage, causing the computer’s firmware to be overwritten. The other problem is DYLD, arguably far more important and more dangerous. which allows a program to run as an administrator without the need of the user inputting their password. With Apple to fix major bug in OS X, user’s will be able to relax once more.

Apple have recently released a beta update to the next major update, OS X 10.10.5, and security experts have revealed that the patch for DYLD is not included in the beta patch, which is worrying many as Apple might be holding back until the next iteration of its OS X, El Capitan, due for release worldwide in Autumn of this year. Apple have since announced that they plan to fix the problem as soon as possible. As for the Thunderstrike glitch, it allowed attackers in creating a ‘worm’ which can be transferred between devices without the user even having to do anything. By manipulating the Thunderbolt port, it can be transferred through to any device that is connected and then spread to wherever the device is used. But security experts have downplayed the severity of the Thunderstrike bug due to the low number of those who actually use the Thunderbolt port.

But the difference between the two glitches is that Thunderstrike is relatively harmless compared to DYLD, as a worm that can only spread through a very specific way, or a bug that lives and transmits through web pages, which are unfortunately open to everyone. In the meantime, Apple have prepared a somewhat stop-gap fix to the problem by preventing any developers from releasing anything if they are found to be using the vulnerability. Until the fix has been implemented, at least the majority of users are protected to some degree.

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