Apple iPhone 8 May Lack Compatibility with The High Speed Internet

Apple iPhone 8 May Lack Compatibility with The High Speed Internet

The curiosity for the next version of the iPhone is high. People are waiting for the first glimpse of the much-hyped Apple iPhone 8. But here is some news which is not all that good. It seems iPhone 8 may not be able to support high speed internet connectivity, according to Bloomberg report. In fact, as per some reports, it might not be able to match up with the contemporary android phones in this regard.

Here Is What the Market Reports Suggest

It is expected that leading telecom operators will come up with Gigabit LTE connectivity. With this, the users will be able to download one Gigabit of data per second. Now this is really very fast as compared to the current speed. But Apple iPhone 8 will not be able to match up with this new marketing development of the cellular industry. The reason Apple will lag behind in this change is due to problems in its supply chain.

LTE Modem Chips and Apple iPhone 8

Apple imports the LTE modem chips from Qualcomm and Intel. Qualcomm is all geared up for the new change. However, Apple would not like to order the chips from them. The reason may be their past relationships where the two companies were involved in a legal battle. On the other hand, Intel will not be able to provide the chips to Apple in time. The new version of the phone will have other features like better design, dual rear camera set up, wireless charging, etc. In such a scenario, users can use VPNs for iPhone.

A VPN on iPhone

What is VPN on iPhoneVirtual Private network for iPhone will let you access internet connection is a secure manner. If you use a secure VPN service like Le VPN, all your data will be secure. And you will also not face issues with the speed. When you opt for Le VPN for your iPhone, you can enjoy benefits like multi-protocol support, high speed VPN connection, unlimited bandwidth, one tap connection, etc. Moreover, you can also make use of two devices at a time. Le VPN provides excellent encryption and security. They have high quality servers which are available in 100+ locations.

For those who are concerned about speed and security when it come to the new iPhone, then, they must opt for Le VPN. Especially in the case of the iPhone 8, where the high speed connectivity could be a problem. In such a case, it will be worth trying out the VPN service. The latest news about iPhone 8’s connectivity issues is not really good for Apple fans who always have lots of expectations from this excellent brand.



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