How To Make Anonymous Internet Browsing

How To Make Anonymous Internet Browsing

Most of us want to make anonymous Internet browsing. However, keeping your internet surfing activities completely hidden is next to impossible. There are different reasons why one has to keep the internet browsing data secret. These reasons can vary from person to person.

First and foremost, have you ever thought why people prefer anonymous Internet browsing? Here we list some possible reasons:

  • Hackers

Some people opt not to disclose the Internet browsing details. The users are aware about the hacked website stories, data theft, or even e-financial scams. We recently discussed the WannaCry ransomware scam in one of our blogs. WannaCry is the latest incident. The scam stirs up the discussions on safety and anonymous Internet activities.

  • Government Censorship

Many countries, now-a-days, imply internet censorship. This may either limit viewing or downloading of a content.  The federal government can put the internet censorship. These steps are in place for the reasons, including national safety or security. For example, some nations have imposed a ban on Facebook, or Twitter. Hence, you need to anonymously login if you wish to do away with Geo restrictions.

  • Targeted Ads

How is it possible for the advertisers to know what you are looking for? The answer is simple. It’s because of cookie tracking. Cookies help to personalize your browsing experience by stalking and storing your web activities. These targeted ads are sometimes irritating. As a result, the user feels the need to anonymous Internet browsing.

If you are one of the internet fanatic. But still some reasons compel you to keep your identity hidden? We are sharing some easy ways to help you act as an anonymous Internet user.

a) Get Into The Habit Of Using Private Browser Window

This will help you keep your browsing history anonymous. Even if you are sharing a computer at work, or connecting to a public network. Using a private browser window will avert your browsing history from being stored on the system.

You must have heard about cookies. The private browser window blocks the third-party cookies. It also deletes the first party cookies. Yes! It’s pretty easy to understand the difference between the third-party and the first party cookies. The third-party cookies are the tiny text files that track your online activities. On the other hand, the first party cookies help record your movement between different websites.

b) Turn Off Personalized Search

Google is the most used web-based search engine. But are you aware that your browsing data is recorded every time you log into any of the Google’s free online tools?  In the background, a profile is created especially for you. Accordingly, you receive pop ups or suggestions.

c) Use A Virtual Private Network For Anonymous Internet

VPN or a Virtual Private Network helps you carry on anonymous Internet surfing. A VPN helps in many ways to hide your online identity, for example, you can download anonymously documents and materials. However, selecting a VPN is also an important step. Le VPN is one of the most trusted VPN service provider in the market. It helps you access geo-restricted content in any nation, without revealing your identity.

Apart from hiding your IP address, Le VPN also helps protect your sensitive data. In fact, your data is safe with Le VPN. It helps your data security even though you connect to internet at public places, like café or shopping malls.

d) Social Media Websites

Social media websites including Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn, continue tracking its users even after they are not logged into their accounts. As a matter of fact, such tracking depends on your shares or comments on any Facebook or LinkedIn story. Changing the privacy setting on these social media websites will help control this.

Of course! For the anonymous Internet browsing, you have to put in a lot of efforts. But you would not regret to keep your online activities secret with an anonymous VPN.



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