Le VPN Allows You To Access The Web Within High Restrictions

Le VPN Allows You To Access The Web Within High Restrictions

Chinese New Year is here. Hence, Chinese traditions, foods, celebrations and fun activities. Are you excited about the spring festival? Or still worried about using the internet during the festival? You must be aware of the net neutrality debate going on in the US. A recent decision by the United States’ FCC to cancel net neutrality has broadly impacted China. China never believed in the net neutrality. Neither China had any net neutrality debate. The government’s censorship has been already active on hundreds of foreign websites.

Chinese New Year

So, this is the festival time and the flavor of the month is here. The Chinese New Year Festival is here to bang the celebration bells. The spring festival or simply the Lunar New Year in modern China is a highly significant Chinese festival, which is celebrated at the turn of the lunisolar calendar in China. This year the Dog begins on Friday, February 16.

You might be already knowing that the internet does not work the way we want it to work in China. Great Firewall has blocked a vast number of websites in China. Facebook, WhatsApp, YouTube, Twitter and even Google+ belong to the list of these blocked websites. What can help you to access these sites is a VPN.

What Is A VPN And Why You Need It?

A Virtual Private Network encrypts internet traffic, allowing computers to connect remotely and securely to closed networks. It is almost impossible to work in China without a VPN. Le VPN solves the internet Issue by masking your I.P. address. In a layman language, your devices seem or appear to be connected from U.S. or Japan in spite of being in China.

Additionally, a VPN will allow you to access any website. As many sites are restricted by Country’s Great Firewall of Censorship, you need to choose a VPN wisely. Only a hand full of VPNs work well in China. Even the most popular Google.com throws error page when accessed in China. There is still a way, and a proxy browser can be helpful.

Net Neutrality Debate In The US

After the net neutrality debate which is taking over the headlines in the U.S., the discussion to restrict private VPNs in China is still open. International companies and individuals have been bothering since months regarding new regulations and restriction over the use of virtual private networks (VPN) in Beijing.

Still…there Is A Hope

Bypass Censorship keeps the hope up even after a strict restriction over the use of private VPNs. Meanwhile, Le VPN allows you to bypass the censorship without much difficulty. Le VPN will help you access web around the globe in a censored country and even from a most restricted networks. Now, you need not worry about web access; you can access the internet anytime from anywhere as per your convenience.

Le VPN is not only secure to use, but also very affordable. You can get Le VPN’s 2-year subscription for only $69.60 or $2.90/month. So, access your favorite websites from anywhere. Subscribe to Le VPN today.



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