A small city in Romania is the world capital for Internet scam

A small city in Romania is the world capital for Internet scam

Several months ago, Ramnicu Valcea, a small town of 100,000 people in Romania became the world capital for cybercrime. Hackers specialized in scamming naive Internet customers do make a stand to the police, all over the world.

Located in the center of Romania, at the foot of the Carpathians, Ramnicu Valcea took the nickname of “Hackerville” in the American media. It is the world capital for cybercrime, with the main target being the United States.

The victims of these cyber criminals are people who obey the law and live thousands of miles away in developed countries, where people are supposed to be rich. Cybercriminals do constantly change tactics, hacking many people for small amounts, but also companies and financial institutions. Each year, these young Romanian hackers capture a billion dollars on the web, when they are not busy trying to enter NASA servers, just to prove that they can…

world capital for cybercrime

These cybercriminals do not just steal money but access to sensitive personal databases including names, addresses, tax information … 

Not only do they have access to your credit card information, but they also fly above your identity to steal more substantial amount, as they rob on the long run.

And they use the latest technology to access to your bank accounts, pensions and investments and they may even go to apply for a bank loan in your name! And the worst part is that you do not see that these crimes occur, just here, under your eyes, but realize it happened when it is too late.

The FBI and CIA have even pushed the Romanian authorities to create a special police unit to stop these scams with a new kind of more than 200 Romanian police agents tracking down these always running thieves. But even if the number of arrests is increasing, hackers imagine every day more sophisticated methods from the world capital for cybercrime. Money is the lifeblood of hackers in “Hackerville” and they do everything possible to enrich themselves and display their illegally acquired wealth. This is extremely dangerous as those pirates are armed and ready to do anything to defend their interests.

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