Yahoo To Get Rid of Passwords

Yahoo To Get Rid of Passwords

Passwords have always been an inconvenience, trying to create a memorable one that is both secure and easy to remember, and then trying to actually remember the password. Fingerprint scanners have come and gone with little success. Now there seems to be a good alternative than trying to remember a series of complex letters and numbers. Yahoo to get rid of passwords by removing the need to enter a password, but instead have a four digit temporary password sent to the user’s phone to gain access to accounts.

Yahoo unveiled their plans at this year’s SXSW festival in Austin, Texas. By using a two-step authorisation process, the user must first input a fixed password, and then connect a mobile phone to the account. From that point on, an ‘on-demand’ password can be set up. All a user needs is their mobile phone and they can simply request a temporary password to be sent to them via text message and inputted online. This bypasses the need to remember a lengthy password that can be cracked by hackers and instead a simple password is sent to you securely.

One issue with this could be the fact that if a thief obtained the phone then all they need to do is send the temporary password to the phone and they will be able to access content online. But at least in this regard, remote hackers will find it almost impossible to crack. This move may pave the way for other companies to jump onboard in developing newer and more practical ways to protect our privacy and data. Yahoo will roll out the new password feature in the US with no word on the rest of the world.

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