Wifi Hack Causes iOS Devices to Reboot and Crash

Wifi Hack Causes iOS Devices to Reboot and Crash

Security researchers Skycure have found a weakness in iOS code that allows hackers to cause a user’s iPhone or iPad to restart and crash repeatedly, all through a wifi network. The only fix for this at the moment is to immediately leave the wifi zone. Wifi hack causes iOS devices to reboot and crash continuously by using a manipulated SSL certificate, the kind that is usually used in ensuring the security of a website/app. This sets off a bug in the operating system, causing a crash.

Due to the nature of all apps using SSL certificates, this vulnerability is far reaching. But the glitch doesn’t just affect the apps, but also the underlying operating system as well, causing a lot more damage. This leads to an endless cycle of crashes and reboots, with the only way to escape is by leaving the area of the wifi zone.

This isn’t the first time a glitch has affected phone users over a wireless network, “Wi-figate” was a hack that forced users to connect to a wireless network, thus allowing unauthorised access to the device. The ramifications of such an attack are numerous and worrying. If such a hack was to affect large networks such as airports, banks or certain companies, then there is no telling what damage could be done. The researchers have warned Apple of the attack and will not reveal any further technical details of the attack until a patch has been implemented.

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