Why You Need to be Using a VPN

Why You Need to be Using a VPN

Anyone who uses the internet, whether its just casually for Facebook or someone who stays connected all the time, should be using a VPN when online. It is very important you stay protected online at all times. This means protecting your accounts from fraudulent access, as well as keeping your own private data safe. But a VPN can also help you make the most of the internet, allowing you to access content thats otherwise regionally restricted. Just a few reasons why you need to be using a VPN.

Le VPN can help protect you when you are browsing the internet, whether on your smart phone on the way to work, or a laptop when you’re sitting in an airport. By encrypting your connection securely, it means no one can fraudulently access your information, essentially creating a tunnel between your device and the internet. Whenever you connect to the internet, you are leaving yourself open to attacks, especially at public wifi zones when the connection is unsecured.

Using a VPN can be very beneficial in the security sense but it can also be used as a means to access otherwise restricted content, usually region restricted. Many websites have regional versions, or just content that is completely unavailable outside a certain country. BBC have such a restriction, only those residing in the UK can access iPlayer, and their main website changes according to the location it is being accessed from. But with Le VPN, you can simply change your IP address to the UK and access all their content as if you were there. This can also work for any service that is region-restricted, including Netflix which has different content depending on location.

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