USA Targets Foreign Hackers

USA Targets Foreign Hackers

President Obama has passed laws allowing the US to take sanctions against any company or organisation that profits from stolen data acquired through hacking. Even though these companies may be overseas and outside America’s jurisdiction, if the company operated in the global market, then it can still be affected by sanctions imposed upon them. USA targets foreign hackers comes at a time when cyber crimes are at an all time high, and the fallout from last year’s Sony Pictures hack is still being felt.

The order passed by the president of the USA could potentially mean sanctions against companies in Russia and China that could benefit from security breaches within the US. With an ever growing cyber threat from not just criminals, but entire countries as well, the US felt it needed to take steps in protecting themselves. Many believe that both China and Russia are active in using cyber attacks as means of spying on other nations and organisations.

In May of last year, the American Justice Department took action against five Chinese hackers who were believed to be Chinese military but escaped prosecution as they were beyond the reach of the US justice system. But with these sanctions giving the US the ability to hurt those responsible most, in the financial markets, could really affect those who attempt to conduct cyber attacks on other countries.

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