Ukraine, a key target for a powerful virus

Ukraine, a key target for a powerful virus

A devastating malware has been recently mainly targeting computers based in Ukraine. Since 2013, i.e. the beginning of the political crisis in Ukraine, it is not less than 22 cases of the virus that have been identified, according to a recent report released by the British group BAE Systems.
This virus called snake is “one of the most sophisticated and tougher threats we have ever seen,” according to BAE Systems subsidiary specialized in preventing cyber- espionage.

Released in 2006, this snake virus seems to have been deployed more intensively since 2013: out of 56 cases identified worldwide since 2010, 44 occurred in 2013. Ukraine remains the core target, with 22 cases since 2013, and 14 since early 2014, at a time the political troubles raised in the country.

Cybercriminals primarily work weekdays and in Moscow time-slot says BAE Systems. All this seems to confirm the Russian roots of this specific virus, as already presupposed by Gdata, a German company.
It is “a well-organized and technically sophisticated group who has developed and used this virus for eight years,” said Dave Garfield Saturday, an official with BAE Systems Applied Intelligence. “There are elements that make a link «between the virus Snake» and previous offenses associated with Russian actors, but it is not possible to say exactly who is behind this campaign,” he added though.

Snake users can access to all the computer systems they have infiltrated. Indeed, the virus can hibernate and remain dormant for several days, this makes it very difficult to detect.

According to the Financial Times, the virus has infiltrated the computer systems of the Ukrainian government and important structures in the country. According to experts, Snake is similar to Stuxnet, a computer virus that attacked the Iranian nuclear program in 2010 and was assigned by Tehran to a US-Israel alliance.

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