Tor Based Private Messaging App Briar

Tor Based Private Messaging App Briar

Some of us have a very casual attitude towards the internet safety. But we need to keep in mind that hackers are waiting for a single slip up from your end. Therefore, you need to be careful to protect your sensitive information. One of the ways of doing this is by learning how to use Tor.

What Is Tor And How To Use Tor?

TOR stands for The Onion Router. It was used by the US military to hide their IP address. It was used to prevent data theft of sensitive information. Now, it is an open source legal free software. This is a multi-proxy network which masks the users IP. It is useful to protect the user identity, and it also helps in overcoming the restrictions imposed on streaming services.

Check Out The Tor Based Private Messaging App Briar

Once you know how to use Tor, you must check the Tor-based messaging app Briar. It is useful for safe communication. Also, it does not depend on the central server. The messages are synchronized between the users’ devices. This app can sync through the Tor network. This helps in protecting the user identity. Briar is now out of the testing phase. The version 1.0 is already available for the users.

If Tor Is The Correct Choice?

When you use Tor, your internet traffic is routed through some nodes. These multiple nodes make it impossible for anyone to understand the full route from where the information is traveling. Hence, no one can know your real IP address. Along with civil organizations, Tor is popular amongst criminals to secretly communicate. Therefore, government bodies keep a close watch at Tor users. That’s not the case with a virtual private network (VPN).  Also, Tor affects the internet speed as multiple nodes are involved.

Here Is How A VPN Can Be Helpful

If you want complete security in the online world, then you must select a reliable VPN service. A virtual private network will ensure that your IP address is hidden. Just replace your IP address with that of the VPN service provider’s. After that, you are all set to browse the internet anonymously with complete security. A VPN allows you to overcome geo-restrictions and can enjoy the different streaming services.

Opt For The Best VPN Service Provider

You need to select the best VPN service, provider. There are some free service providers. But it is difficult to rely on such VPN services. If you do not want to risk your online security, then select Le VPN. We have competitive packages. Le VPN offers high standard encryption. Therefore, no one can see the activities through the internet connection. You are completely safe from prying eyes. Easily overcome the internet censorship, and browse the internet anonymously with Le VPN.



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