Phishing Attack Targeting Password Managers

Phishing Attack Targeting Password Managers

Despite numerous methods of protecting your account details, including the trusted password manager technique, users are warned against a hack that can see phishing attack targeting password managers. Phishing is a method of hacking that steals both username and password combinations, even that of two-step authentication. With online hacking and stealing information becoming more and more frequent, as well as hackers becoming more technical and advanced, the systems to protect everyone else need to be stronger.

With replacing conventional passwords with complicated yet simple to remember much as password managers, has meant that security to various accounts has become seamless and streamlined without the need for advanced passwords different for every single account you have. So password managers take out the struggle of having to remember complicated password and instead give you one password to remember and it will deal with all password for any account you have. This makes it a lot harder for hackers to break your password, and if one account is compromised then at least no other account will be breached as well.

A security researcher has released a tool that can supposedly acquire the security details of users’ accounts, including their two-step authentication process for the popular password manager LastPass. The presentation, given at the ShmooCon  hacking convention at Washington, showed that the tool was able to replicate the pop-up window that LastPass employs asking the user for identification, which is identical in all ways to the official pop-up. This goes to show how it is possible to relocate legitimate security procedures for even the most savvy and advanced user.

If online security is a concern for you then there are steps to take to ensure your safety online is secured. Whenever you connect to the internet through an unsecured or untrusted connection, like an airport or coffee shop wireless network, there is a higher chance of someone potentially snooping on your activity and stealing your information, either through phishing or other ways. By signing up to Le VPN you can secure your internet connection via an encrypted and anonymous connection no matter where you connect from. This works from any device you use to connect to the internet with.

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