Google Play Protect Removed 39 Million Harmful Applications in 2017

Google Play Protect Removed 39 Million Harmful Applications in 2017

Google recently introduced the Google Play Protect services for Android. These services are for better protection and better device security. Last year, Google play protect services managed to identify and remove more than 39 million harmful applications from active Android devices. One best option to protect your Android phone is VPN for Android. However, you have to select between free VPN Android and the paid VPN carefully. Before we understand in detail about these Android services, let us understand Google play protect in the first place.

Here Is What Google Play Protect Offers

The Google Play Protect offers four services. These are PHA scanning; Find My Device; Safe Browsing; Developer APIs. The scanning option will check for any threats and will remove the same automatically. Find my device helps you to locate the device if it is lost. Additionally, safe browsing is to protect the user when he is browsing different websites.  The developer API will let the third-party apps to make use of the Google security services. Furthermore, Google has detected several malicious applications like Commercial spyware, denial of services, data collection, etc. However, you can enhance the device’s security with a VPN for Android.

What Is A VPN?

To understand free VPN android services, one needs to understand the concept of Virtual Private Network. A VPN service is a secure and private network. This allows safe travel of your data. This is possible as a VPN connection encrypt the data. As a result, a VPN ensures complete privacy and security. Additionally, the user can easily overcome geo-restriction. A VPN makes it possible for the user to browse the internet anonymously.

Make Use Of Le VPN For Your Android Phones

One of the leading names in the virtual private network services is Le VPN. We have customized apps for the smartphones, be it Android, Windows or iOS. There are several benefits of using Le VPN on your handset. Le VPN provides multiprotocol support and easy one-tap connection. The VPN app makes it possible to access servers and change your virtual location easily.

Benefits Of Using Le VPN Android App Over Free VPN Android

  • You are safe while using public Wi-Fi due to the high standard of encryption
  • Around 800 VPN servers in 100+ locations
  • Unblock websites and bypass geo-restrictions easily
  • Stream foreign TV and live events
  • Browse anonymously from your Androids

Top Level Encryption

Le VPN encrypts your internet connection with a top-secret level cipher. Hence, no hacker can reach your valuable data. There are many free VPN android services available in the market today. However, it is always advisable to go for a paid VPN service over free VPN android services. Le VPN uses the AES-256 encryption algorithm, which is among the most advanced encryption protocols.

As you know, Le VPN ensures complete online security. We have a large network of VPN servers in 100+ locations. Above all, Le VPN does not store internet usage logs of the user. Stay safe on the go with Le VPN’s VPN for Android. Therefore, subscribe to Le VPN service today.



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