Netwest’s List Of Online Frauds For 2018

Netwest’s List Of Online Frauds For 2018

Our world is now very much confined to our mobile handsets. Be its important documents, or communications. We prefer to use our mobile phones for the same. The major reason is that it is handy and easy to access all the time. However, at the same time, mobile data is very much vulnerable to online threats. Therefore, it is important to ensure the safety of the mobile. For this reason, using a mobile VPN online is the easy and affordable solution. There are several other reasons for using mobile VPN.

Netwest’s List Of Scams

NatWest is warning users to be careful about social media spying, and malicious software on smartphones. These are two types of frauds which will be in trend this year. These are two of the top 8 scams that will be popular in 2018. The top 8 scams are:

  • Romance scams: Here, a fraudster will try to play with the user’s emotions through fake profiles on relationship websites. They can reach your details through messenger. Or once you fall into the trap of a hacker, he may start extorting money.
  • First-time buyer: They may send emails pretending to be a solicitor. Once they realize that the first time buyer has fallen into the trap, they will send wrong bank details to steal your money.
  • Wedding excitement: It is easy to trap the couples planning for extravaganza wedding. The fraudster may offer great discount on a venue, catering, and wedding dresses. They will cheat on your money.
  • Money mules: with the help of cash-strapped students, such fraudster can launder money. These students get money into their accounts, then are asked to withdraw these funds. The students will have to transfer money to a different account, by keeping some for themselves.
  • World Cup fans: You may be offered Football match tickets on discount. Once you pay, you get the tickets that are fake, or you will never get the tickets.
  • Bogus Brexit reasons: The fraudsters may scare you that the Brexit will affect your savings. And to avoid this, you will need to transfer your money to different accounts immediately. Or they will ask you to buy a fake investment product.
  • Malicious software on mobile devices: NatWest believes that malware or malicious software threats will grow among the smartphone users. Pick a reliable mobile VPN to ensure security.
  • Social media spying: Be careful when you give away information on social media websites. As this will be among top 8 scams in 2018.

Le VPN’s Mobile VPN App

Internet on mobile is always a help when you travel. In case you want to access Wi-Fi in public places, you may risk your online security and privacy. As you may fall prey to online eavesdroppers and hackers while using public Wi-Fi.  In such a scenario, you need to turn on Le VPN’s mobile VPN app. Le VPN allows you to surf the internet comfortably and securely.

Le VPN offers mobile VPN that is best for mobile devices having confidential and important information. Often transactions occur through mobile devices. Hence, it is best to have a safe system of security while doing that. It is an intelligent choice to get mobile VPN installed on your devices.

Now, you know what is a VPN. Le VPN has customized mobile VPN apps for Android, iPhone, as well as Windows phones.



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