Netflix Blocking VPNs, But Le VPN Still Works

Netflix Blocking VPNs, But Le VPN Still Works

In January 2016, Netflix announced a shocking move that would affect a huge portion of their customers; that they would be limiting and restricting the use of VPNs with their online streaming service. With many VPNs now unable to work with Netflix blocking VPNs, but Le VPN still works. The threat of preventing VPN use to access overseas Netflix libraries has been prevalent for a long time, but no action had actually been taken until now.

TV and film studios have long piled pressure on the online streaming giant to prevent customers from using a VPN to access content but Netflix have always turned a blind eye to those who do. The reason for the varying libraries is down to regional restrictions employed by the studios themselves, merely a way to earn more for selling the overseas rights in different regions. This of course angers paying customers who are being denied the ability to legally watch content they already pay for.

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There has been a great amount of backlash against Netflix’s latest policy change, with an online petition already at 36,000 signatures 3 months after their decision, surveys are even forecasting a rise in piracy. Netflix revolutionised the landscape of TV and film, with a changing model to keep up with today’s technology, something that the studios have failed to do. So what was once a great tool to combat piracy, this move may well send many customer’s back to the illegal route of watching content online.

With this day and age of super fast internet, instant communication with anyone around the world, the ability to stream HD quality TV shows and movies, the industry has to adapt. As Netflix has already proved, people are more than happy to pay for their TV shows and films streamed online, as long as they get the choice and ease of watching as they should. With Netflix clamping down on VPNs, this will only push people away again.

With so many VPNs now blocked, you’ll be pleased to know that Le VPN is not blocked. With Le VPN you can still bypass regional restrictions and watch any Netflix library in the world, including Netflix libraries in the US and in France. To unblock Netflix with Le VPN, it couldn’t be easier, simply login and select our dedicated servers: US Media Streaming for Netflix’ US library and France Media Extra for Netflix’ French library, and click connect. If its American Netflix you desire, then by selecting a dedicated US IP address you can still watch all your favourite shows as if you were physically there.


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Comments (16)



    • Le VPN

      Yes, Netflix is working with Le VPN.

      • Gerhard

        I must be doing something wrong, because mine is blocked?

        • Le VPN

          Dear Gerhard, maybe you are connecting with the wrong server. Please contact our Support team and they will help you.

  • LD

    French server is blocked
    Any chance of a fix soon?

    • Le VPN

      This has been fixed and you can unblock French Netflix with Le VPN, as well as American Netflix.

  • Mike

    I am looking to subscribe, but need to know first about working netlfix regions at the moment?

    • Le VPN

      For now Netflix is unblocked for the US and France. We are working on other countries too.

      • Ludovic

        Absolutely not. Le vpn isn’t working with Netflix. Tried many ways, different ports and countries without success.

        • Le VPN

          Hi Ludovic,

          Netflix is working with Le VPN through a dedicated server which can be found under North America -> US Media-Streaming folder, for a US Netflix library. It is also working with HybridVPN and SmartDNS for US and French Netflix libraries. You can find more information on how to connect to Netflix here:
          If you keep experiencing issues, please contact our Support team and they will help you.

          Best regards,
          Le VPN team

  • Mel

    its working on my computer but not on my ipad, why? thanks

    • Le VPN

      Hello! Please contact our Support team via your client panel or via our website in the support section, and they will be able to help you. It should be working both on your computer and mobile devices.

  • Peter

    Just installed Le Vpn on both Mac and IPad. I am able to play the USA Netflix on the Mac using the method described in the April 19, 2016 reply by Le VPN by choosing the US Media Streaming folder. However, there is no such option on the IPad IOS version. Can you please help with the steps to set it up on IPad. Thanks

    • Le VPN

      Hi Peter! You are right that the iOS version is not yet updated for the US Netflix server. A manual configuration is still possible though, so please contact our support team and they will guide you with the steps. You can contact them by clicking Support -> Submit Ticket in the menu above. Thank you!

  • Patrick

    Netflix France is right blocked!
    If anyone has a solution?

    • Le VPN

      Hello! French Netflix is working correctly with Le VPN. All you need to do is to connect to one of the servers from “France Media Extra” folder found under “Europe” section. If you still experience difficulties, feel free to contact our Support team and they will guide you through it!

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