Forget Facebook For A Month In Papua New Guinea?

Forget Facebook For A Month In Papua New Guinea?

The popularity of Facebook and other social media platforms is well-known to everyone. These social media platforms have to bear the brunt of internet censorship time and again due to different reasons. However, if you are in a similar situation and unable to access your social networking website, opt for the best VPN provider.

New Problems For FB In Papua New Guinea

The Pacific sea island, Papua New Guinea government, seems to be behaving strictly with Facebook. The government wants to analyze the adverse effect that Facebook has on its citizens. Therefore, they are contemplating the decision to shut down the social media website Facebook for one month. It this one month they are going to look into different aspects of the effect of fake accounts, false news, etc. They want to see if these social media platforms are the cause of such problems like fake information on the internet and pornography. However, if you check the statistics, you will find that internet use in this country is only around 15%. So, Facebook is not the actual cause of the issues.

Facebook has been already under pressure about how it handles the data of billions of users. There have already been scandals in the US and other countries about data hijack. Some nations in Asia and the Middle East restrict the access to social media networks. Nevertheless, if you are a person who likes to connect with the friends and family via Facebook, make sure to select the best VPN provider.

What Is A VPN?

A virtual private network is one of the best ways to overcome internet censorship. You need to update your IP to that of the VPN service provider. You must select the IP address of that country where a particular website is legally accessible. A VPN lets you browse the internet anonymously. You can rest assured about your online security and privacy. But make sure that you select only the best VPN provider like Le VPN.

Le VPN –The Best VPN Provider

One of the reliable Facebook VPN is Le VPN. Le VPN uses high-end encryption and ensures complete online security. They have servers in 100+ locations. You can quickly update the IP address to that of any country where Facebook is accessible. It not only helps you overcome geo-restriction but also prevents data thefts. Le VPN does not store the logs of the user. Le VPN is compatible with most of the operating systems and most of the devices.

The main point is, no one can see your online activities when you are using Le VPN. Additionally, no one, not even your ISP, can track your original IP address. This is because you use Le VPN IP address. The reliable VPN provider has more than 800 servers in 100+ locations. This is an assurance that you will get a secure, dependable VPN connection.

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