China Imposes A Ban On Apple’s Callkit

China Imposes A Ban On Apple’s Callkit

To discourage the use of online calling apps in China; the Chinese government has taken one more step. The government has asked the developers to remove the apps using Apple CallKit from their Chinese app stores. This is a step to curb the apps using voice over internet protocol (VOIP) without putting a direct ban on online calling apps. The latest announcement will only affect apps in the China App Store. Last year, the government also pulled out Microsoft’s Skype from the Apple and Android app stores. Use a best VPN China to overcome such restrictions.

How To Bypass Such Geo-Restrictions

A VPN service is proven to be a handy tool for all those who want to do online calling. In such a scenario, best VPN China is helpful. A VPN is seen as one of the most promising means by which not only Chinese people, but foreign travelers can make calls abroad. Now, you can quickly make online calls by using apps supporting VOIP. All you have to do is change your IP address to any other country where there is no ban on online calling and apps using VOIP.

Some Benefits Of Using Best VPN China Are:

  • If you happen to live or travel to a place where online calling is banned, then you can easily make those calls using a VPN. Some best VPN in China lets you change the IP address to the IP address of any foreign country where online calling is legally ok.
  • According to best VPN China developers, VPN service makes sure that you can maintain your anonymity and privacy. It protects your private and sensitive data. You can easily share your work-related information or any other such information online. If you use a reliable VPN service, you have no fear of a hacker or online eavesdropper.
  • Online calls using VPN are not only safe, but it is also very convenient and affordable. You do not need to follow a complicated procedure of using country codes or call bookings. All you have to do is direct calling using the app.
  • You save a lot of money. You can make calls in a foreign country at a much cheaper cost as compared to the standard mobile network.
  • If you choose the right service provider, then you can also safely unblock websites of your choice. E.g., many people change their IP address before entering China and unblocked YouTube. A VPN will save you from both government monitoring and eyes of the hackers.

Install Le VPN App Beforehand

Le VPN is one of the best VPN China. However, Le VPN’s website is not available in China. Therefore, it is a must for you to install Le VPN app before you enter Chinese territories. Le VPN does not keep any logs of your online activity. Hence, your browsing history will be safe forever.

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