Why TV Shows Are Blocked In Different Countries

Why TV Shows Are Blocked In Different Countries

If you want to know why countries block TV channels, why some TV shows are blocked in different countries and how to watch blocked TV shows, read this now!

Why Can’t I Watch TV From Another Country?

Have you ever wanted to watch a TV show from another country but couldn’t? You’d think that with the Internet and today’s age of friendly international relations the people of most freedom loving lands should have no trouble watching the BBC, Discovery or the latest football matches from Spain, Italy and Germany. The sad fact is that this is not the case. The next question is why and the answer to that can be complex. For the most it will depend on what you want to watch and where you are because there may be impediments on both ends of the connection.

The number one reason for a blocked TV show is copyrights, licensing and money. When you boil it all down, everything is owned by someone and if you want to use it, and more specifically if your streaming service wants to deliver it to you, someone has to pay for it. This is most commonly found with music but also applies to movies, TV and any other content that can be consumed online. In terms of music, a streaming company would have to reach a deal with each of the big three licensing groups in order to use content. In terms of TV and movies there has to be a way to pay royalties to all the different studios, directors and actors. In some cases content may be blocked due to staggered or region specific release dates.

Why Countries Block TV Channels

A reason why countries block TV shows is because of censorship. Some content is just not allowed cross borders. Many nations around the world maintain a tight grip on the types of content they allow their citizens access to. In some cases the restrictions are limited but in others there is a virtual black out on what can be streamed. When traveling abroad you may encounter such restrictions, the good news is that there is a way to watch blocked TV shows online regardless of where you are or where the content is coming from. A VPN.

How To Watch Blocked TV Shows

The way to watch a blocked TV show is with a VPN / SmartDNS / HybridVPN like the one from Le VPN. It harnesses the power of both to provide the fastest streaming of georestricted content on the Internet. Both technologies allow the unlocking of geo-restricted content but both have limitations. Combining the two alleviates those limitations allowing unlimited bandwidth, prevention of throttling/bottlenecking and effective IP masking.

Using it is simple, all you have to do is sign up with Le VPN, which costs only a few dollars a month, and then choose a VPN or a HybridVPN server in the country whose media you want to watch. This means Hulu, ABC, Youtube Red and more, all at your fingertips. Le VPN has servers in 100+ locations worldwide providing the most comprehensive coverage of any VPN service on the market. The bonus is that along with the best technology for unblocking streaming media you get added security as well. Try it now, learn more about our SmartDNS and HybridVPN services and follow the 3 easy steps to unblock TV shows.

*Article Updated On December 12th, 2018.*



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