Data Privacy Bill Becomes Law In California

Data Privacy Bill Becomes Law In California

More and more consumers are using the anonymous internet to hide their data while online. And a VPN is one popular way for anonymous internet browsing. With the end of net neutrality in the US, the ISPs will have more control over consumer data online. However, people in California have news to cheer about.

New Act In California

Gov. Jerry Brown has signed the California Consumer Privacy Act of 2018. The law will be a game changer in many ways. After coming into effect, no business can collect and sell the user data without their consent. They need to say why they are collecting the data. Additionally, disclose the third parties with whom the data is shared. Simultaneously, the businesses will have to respect consumer requests to delete their data.

And most importantly, businesses cannot take revenge by hiking their service price. However, the companies can offer financial incentives to the individual for their data. Authorities in California can even fine any company for violation of these rules.

What Is Anonymous Internet And VPN?

Cybersecurity is critical. No one is safe from online malware attacks. And cybercriminals are always looking for opportunities at all the times. Therefore, by anonymous internet I mean a connection where your IP is hidden from others. It is essential to take proper measures when you are sharing your personal details online. Let us take a further look at the issue.

What Is A VPN?

In a VPN service, you have access to a virtual provider network. A VPN is a popular method that secures your internet connection from online threats. Your security will be in safe hands, and you can unblock websites with ease. As the user substitutes his IP address with that of VPN provider’s, it’s impossible to track the original location of that user. More and more people are opting for anonymous internet because of the advantages. E.g., Reddit.

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