Stay Safe When You Use The Internet Abroad With Le VPN

Stay Safe When You Use The Internet Abroad With Le VPN

With summer right around the corner, many of you will be thinking of travelling to warmer climates or the start of your gap year backpacking trip around the world. Whatever you decide to do, make sure you stay safe when you use the internet abroad with Le VPN.

When you are travelling around the world, there of course will be times you will no doubt use the internet, whether to check back with family and friends back home, or plan your next boat trip, or making sure you can book that hostel room when you arrive exhausted after that 27 hour bus trip through Asia. The great thing about the internet today, is that it is so easy to find somewhere which provides internet access, so you have to make sure you take the required steps in order to stay safe online. When connecting to public wifi networks, you can never be sure if the connection is safe. After all, when you desperately need to book a flight for the next day and the only way to do so is by using the 24 hour internet cafe with 15 year old computers, you have little choice on choosing a reliable location.

By using Le VPN, you will be securing your connection from whatever device you use, every time you connect to the internet. By effectively creating a secure, encrypted tunnel direct to the internet, you will be bypassing all the restrictions and vulnerabilities that occur with wireless networks, especially those without passwords which are open to anyone. Connecting without a secure connection could leave you vulnerable to hacking and snooping. This of course is prevalent in many countries around the world. And with many times you’re left with no choice but to use whatever internet connection you can, there is just no trusting the connection.

Le VPN can also be used to bypass regional restrictions as well as censorship. So if you find yourself in a heavily internet controlled country then by connecting through Le VPN you will be able to navigate to any website you wish. This can also be handy if you want to watch your favourite TV shows but find that you cannot watch them online from your current location. By connecting to a different IP address through Le VPN you will effectively be viewing that content as if you were in that country.

So when you are next ready to leave the country and travel the world, make sure you take Le VPN with you, and enjoy the true freedom of the internet.




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