Stay Safe Online with World Password Day

Stay Safe Online with World Password Day

The National Cyber Security Alliance’s World Password Day could not have fallen on a more appropriate time than right now. Not even a week after one of the biggest stolen data credentials hack affected more than 272 million users, now has never been a better time to stay safe online with World Password Day. The breach of personal data was reported last Wednesday and involved over 272 million user accounts, ranging from email account such as Gmail and Yahoo to the biggest email provider in Russia;

World Password Day is a day for everyone to ensure they are keeping their personal data and security online safe and secure. We all log in to our personal accounts everyday, whether it is Facebook, email accounts or forums. But what we must be careful of is how secure our passwords are. Most people tend to just use one password for all accounts, of course this is much easier so you don’t have to remember multiple passwords. But unfortunately this is the easiest way for hackers to obtain your credentials which will lead them to accessing all of your accounts.

When it comes to the most important accounts; your email address, it is of utmost importance to ensure this one is the most secure password. There a multiple ways in which you can secure your password more than just a complicated password. Two-step authentication is a method being employed by many websites with their login process. This allows you to add a mobile phone or an alternative contact method to make sure it is definitely you that is signing into the account.

If their are accounts that do not offer two-step authentication then make it a habit to regularly change the passwords for these accounts. On top of this, make sure you have a long and strong password to begin with. Rather than one word that is easy to remember, try several unrelated words combined with numbers to make it difficult to simply hack. Password managers are also another great way of protecting your accounts.

Other ways to stay safe include monitoring your credit and financial situations, as well as using a VPN service whenever you are online. Sign up to Le VPN and you will be able to securely encrypt your internet connection from wherever you are, preventing anyone from snooping on your online activity.

Stay safe online with World Password Day and Le VPN



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