Rhode Island Seeks Unbiased Internet

Rhode Island Seeks Unbiased Internet

The net neutrality bill is in the news for quite some time now. The Federal Communications Commission (FCC) is already active to repeal the net neutrality bill introduced by the Obama government. Because the Internet Service Providers will now have the right to change the internet speed and data. Rates of the internet package will play an important role. Once the net neutrality bill is fully repealed, the free internet is almost dead.

Why The Net Neutrality Bill?

Speaking in simple terms, a net neutrality bill refers to the regulations and policies that will enforce net neutrality. If gone, the ISPs will have more power in their hands. They will be able to monitor, manage, and control your internet access. Therefore, it is very essential that net neutrality bill continues as it is.

When you are searching for anything online, you expect total freedom. You wish to freely communicate and express yourself online. And what if your ISP is tracking your activities or slowing down your internet connection? This, of course, kills the ‘free internet’ concept.

Rhode Island And Net Neutrality

The FCC’s recent decision to wipe away the net neutrality is facing opposition from Rhode Island as well. Recently, Rhode Island came up with legislation seeking unbiased internet. According to Ajit Pai’s order on net neutrality, even states and municipalities cannot declare net neutrality within their territories. Therefore, many states are adopting bills seeking free internet.

Using a VPN is a right choice if you wish to access the internet freely. Before jumping on to that, firstly let us discuss what is a VPN?

What Is A VPN?

A Virtual Private Network or VPN creates a tunnel through which the data can securely travel. While passing through this secure channel, the data gets encryption. Additionally, no third party or online eavesdroppers can reach your data. With advantages like these, a VPN is a popular choice for personal as well as commercial use.


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