Protect Yourself at Home and Abroad

Protect Yourself at Home and Abroad

When you connect to the Internet at home through a wireless router, it is generally considered to be safe. Compared to connecting to an unknown wifi connection in a coffee shop or any public place, a home connection seems the safest. But the Electronic Frontier Foundation (EFF), a digital rights group, has recently called for companies to improve the security of wifi routers, as they are increasingly being targeted for attacks. So how can you protect yourself at home and abroad?

Until tech companies start to take notice and improve the security on wifi networks, there is a way you can protect yourself every time you connect to the Internet, home or away. Le VPN is a service that becomes a gateway between your personal information and the rest of the Internet. So if your home router is hacked, or one in a public space, they won’t be able to access any of your data as it will be encrypted. This is especially useful when you are travelling as its impossible to truly know how secure a connection is. You are more likely to be entering sensitive information in such as credit card numbers and other personal details that can be useful to the wrong person.

The problem with wireless routers, home or public is that they are viewable and joinable by anyone, if a hacker access these networks then they have access to your personal details and private data. So by using a VPN service you can make sure no matter what happens, you will be securely connected to the Internet wherever you are.

The other benefits of Le VPN include the ability to change your virtual location to another country in order to bypass regional restrictions and access content otherwise unavailable in your current country. Check out all the other benefits of Le VPN and sign up to start enjoying unrestricted and secure Internet and learn to protect yourself at home and abroad.



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