Pakistan Bans Encryption on BlackBerry

Pakistan Bans Encryption on BlackBerry

For many years, BlackBerry have been the go-to phone for businesses and the casual user due to its incredibly secure and encrypted server which handles all its communication. This proves is impossible for law enforcement and intelligence agencies from potentially snooping on you and extracting information. But recently, the Pakistani government have outlawed BlackBerry’s secure servers in a bid to crackdown on privacy. As Pakistan bans encryption on BlackBerry, many companies, including BlackBerry, are calling for a reverse on the decision.

BlackBerry at present, and have done so since the smartphone’s introduction, handle all data that transmits to and from the phone through secure servers, this includes messages, emails, web browsing or any other usage that transmits information over the internet. A similar ban was put in place back in 2010 in the united Arab Emirates and Saudi Arabia, over fears of security. Bans were also considered in the UK by David Cameron in the wake of the riots in 2011, as a means to slow the riot organisation as well as a way to identify and stop those responsible who used the secure BlackBerry network to coordinate the protests.

In a statement issued by BlackBerry, the smartphone company claims that the security and protection of its customers is paramount to the entire company. And even though they are more than willing to cooperate with governments and law enforcement agencies, compromising the integrity of its secure network, isn’t on their agenda. The law, which will come into effect in November, will require mobile phone companies to cease communications with the BlackBerry servers.

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