New Raspberry Pi Tablet “Raspad”

New Raspberry Pi Tablet “Raspad”

The Raspberry Pi was created to provide a much-needed resource for budding programmers. It provided a small, affordable computer designed for education about coding and programming through virtual projects, practical problems, and community ideas. A Raspberry Pi VPN can be used by anybody in the world to learn computer code through fun projects.

Over the years, Raspberry Pi has become popular as a tool for newer users to learn. It is also a developmental resource for building smart devices. Systems today have become more capable. At the same time, processors have become more powerful. Further versions of Raspberry Pi, along with Raspberry Pi VPN, have accommodated these processors.

All About Raspberry Pi Tablet

China-based education technology company, SunFounder, has come up with a new tablet called “Raspad”, which makes it even more accessible and easy for budding programmers to get coding with Raspberry Pi. The Raspad provides additional accessories, toolkits, suggestions and tutorials for new users to get them up and to run.

More and more people are gaining an interest in programming, and the job market is turning increasingly technical. This has helped Raspad see an incredible run on Kickstarter. It planned to amass $10,000 on the crowdfunding website but grossed $300,000 within its first ten days. This shows the demand that exists for such a product. SunFounder will release the Raspad in May 2018 in select places.

Raspberry Pi VPN

We are becoming vulnerable to the growth in digital technology. You could be on a network very prone to hacking. Similarly, you may be at risk of data breaches. Hence, it is important to use a VPN to mask your original IP while browsing online. Especially if you are coding with resources like Raspberry Pi.


Are you wondering what is a VPN? Using a VPN service allows you to access content that is only available to specific places or countries. A programmer in India can access restricted VPN Australia free tools, only by changing his location to Australia. This is helpful with the Raspad, where a lot of content may not be free in your country. Additionally, there are often packages that have geo restrictions. You can bypass this using a Raspberry Pi VPN.

Therefore, we can see how using Raspberry Pi VPN effectively not only allows new users to learn the basics of code building and application. But also, lets you access tutorials, learn from them and add your tweaks to create new and varied products.

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