Netflix Phishing Scam

Netflix Phishing Scam

There is no denying the fact that the internet is a necessity for our lives. It makes a whole lot of things easier for us. But at the same time, it puts us at a lot of risks as well. Thanks to the social media and eCommerce, a large portion of our lives is online. With most of our personal information online, we are never completely safe. This is all the more poignant with the online streaming websites like Netflix, where you have to submit bank credentials and other information to subscribe. One of the major scams that can hit you is a phishing scam. In the section below, we would talk about the recent Netflix hack, phishing and what you can do to stay safe.

What Do You Need To Know About The Latest Netflix Scam?

Netflix users are receiving an email from the company itself, which states that the person’s user account is no more active due to some problem with billing. The hacker then provides you with a link, asking to re-fill the bank account details. When you click on the link, you would be taken to a page which looks exactly like Netflix. Only it is not. This is the Netflix hack, or the phishing scam that’s affecting many users. To keep the Netflix users aware, the Grand Rapids Police Department in Michigan is sharing maximum information about the scam.

How Does This Scam Work?

When you click on the link given in the phishing email, there is a form that you need to fill up. This form asks for basic details like name, address, phone number and so on. After that’s done, you are redirected to a page that asks you to update or fill out your billing details. Here, you would have to enter your credit card information as well. In some cases, you even need to enter your social security number.

New Phishing Netflix Hack

Phishing is probably the most common, and most dangerous cybercrime. Since it is nearly impossible to identify the phishing scam beforehand. Unlike a virus which can be identified easily, a phishing scam is difficult to prevent. This is because the hacker impersonates the person or organization, in this case, Netflix, and reaches out to you. It then asks you to reveal certain details and information about yourself, which they can use wrongfully.

The main reason why the Netflix hack seems to be so very effective is that it is outrageously simple. The landing page, the procedure – everything is so deceptively simple that you are bound to fall for it. Most importantly, the scammers use social engineering tactics to trick users.

How To Stay Safe?

To stay safe from such phishing scams, you need to be cautious at all the times you access the internet. Do not open or reply to emails from unknown senders. Also, beware when you share your credentials and bank details online. Make sure that you pay attention to the website’s URL, in this case, Netflix. This way, you can stay alert and safe from such a Netflix hack. Avoid using IP addresses from the free proxy list. Rather, use paid and reliable Le VPN service.

Use A VPN For Online Security

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